Welcome to Della Viti in Des Moines, Iowa!

Della Viti in Des Moines and Ames are Iowa’s first self-serve wine bars.  We utilize  Napa Technology WineStations to offer you a large variety of wine to our patrons.

This allows us to direct more of our focus to you, the customer. We have over 40 different varieties of wine available at any given time as well as a full service bar and a variety of craft beers.  Wine from the WineStations are available as a taste, a half glass, or a full (5 ounce) pour.  We also offer in-house full bottle service as well as carry out and special order wines.

We strive to bring you new and exciting offerings on a weekly basis.   Our WineStations allow us to offer  unique wines in three sizes so you can experience them without the expensive whole bottle or by the whole glass pricing.

We’re located at 425 E. Grand  in Des Moines, Iowa and can be reached at 515-259-9918.

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To find more on Della Viti in Ames visit their website at www.dellavitiames.com



We plan on opening at 2pm Monday through Thursday and Noon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Closing time is still to be determined.  But at least midnight during the week and until 2 am on Friday and Saturday nights.

We are in the final stages of construction and getting our inspections and licensing taken care of.  Stay tuned.
Come enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite beer or mixed drink.  We look forward to seeing you!!!